Where are we going as a society? In 25 years, will we have robot butlers and flying cars, or will the homeless starve in the street after peak oil? Will women achieve equality with, or even surpass the male population, or will feminism burn out as men reassert themselves? Will the US collapse under the weight of obesity and retirees and poor education, or will China collapse as its working class is replaced by robots and mass unemployment?

Answering any of these questions might seem impossible, or at least fraught with uncertainty, but I’m a bit more hopeful. 25 years ago, could we have predicted iPhones or the internet or the fall of communism? Yes, and the people in the know, who saw Moore’s Law and Soviet defence expenditures did just that.

See the important patterns and extrapolate, and the world isn’t so hard to understand. Strip away the politics and the bullshit of the modern media, look past the hypocrisy, and you’ll see an orderly system of patterns and incentives.

Whether they know it or not, people are predictable. They cover up simple needs with complicated lies.


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